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Breaking News!! Spot the Difference! Where Have All the Shoppers Gone?

Online E-Commerce Portal Hits RM1B in Sales, while Shopping Malls Were Hit with More Browsers than Shoppers.
48.8% of Internet Users said They Used the Internet for Online Shopping.

Where Have All The Shoppers Gone?

According to news reports by the Malay Mail , even though the shopping malls were packed with people, not many people were actually any making purchases this holiday season. Most people were simply there for window shopping, and spending time with their families, walking about the malls and taking photos of the beautiful Christmas decorations.

“I am not here to buy anything actually. I just brought my family here today because it is a public holiday and for my kids to see the beautiful decorations here,” a shopper, told Malay Mail when met at one of the city’s popular shopping centres. Some who spoke to Malay Mail when approached, said they were tightening their belts due to the prolonged challenging economic climate.

Despite the sale signs in large, block letters pasted in the window displays of some retail stores, today’s cash-conscious shoppers have become far more savvy about where the real bargains can be found.

For shoppers looking to stretch their ringgit, the best buys these days is just a phone tap or a mouse click away. If there was something they want, they might check out the product at a brickand-mortar store before going online to look for a better deal. A shopper said that she managed to buy a headphone that she was looking for, for almost 30% cheaper online.

According to the Internet Users Survey 2017 conducted by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), nearly half of 3,000 respondents, or 48.8 per cent, said they used the internet for online shopping.

Lazada Raked RM1B Haul During 12.12 Sale

Meanwhile, online shopping portals experienced a different scenario. The Malay Mail reports that online merchant Lazada Group has wrapped up its month-long Online Revolution with the 12.12 grand finale sale held on December 12, with US$250 million (RM1.02 billion) in gross merchandise value.

The value was more than double of last year’s sales. Last month, Lazada had already shattered its previous record of US$123 million for sale during November 11’s 11.11 event.

Lazada Malaysia chief executive officer Hans-Peter Ressel said every year Lazada sees a larger pool of online shoppers with growing diversity across generations and geographical locations.

“Our record-breaking performance in the Online Revolution campaign showcases the growing trust and relevancy of e-commerce in Malaysia and how it will continue to benefit Malaysian consumers as well as the entire e-commerce ecosystem,” he said in a statement.

The top five selling categories include fashion, motor and media, baby and toys, electronic, as well as groceries.

Most orders had come from Selangor, Penang, Johor, and Perak, which are states where most shopping malls and stores are located.

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