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ProductNation Names Shock Media Studio as a Best Digital Marketing Company in Malaysia

ProductNation recognizes the contribution that Shock Media Studio provides for business’s digital marketing activities and we have been nominated for One of the Best Digital Marketing Companies in Malaysia.

Founded in 2012, Shock Media Studio was a boutique marketing company offering tailored marketing services to clients including SEO, Google Ad Management, Facebook Ads, Social Media Ad Management, Website Design and CRO. The agency has evolved over time to meet changing market needs and incorporate the latest in digital technology.

We are honoured to be recognised as a leader in such a competitive and complex field as an agency and dedicated to bridging the growing gap between the real world of small business management and the digital lives of all our customers.

Many recent business development initiatives have focused on extending digital marketing services to assist growing firms in delivering exceptional marketing services to our customers. Shock Media Studio provides full digital marketing services, including thorough project evaluation, strategic planning, implementation, management and extensive reporting. More than 50 companies are now our clients.

Thus far, we’ve helped more than 600+ businesses grow digitally by executing proven strategies that effectively get leads & sales. We have a team with a combined of over 100+ years of digital marketing experience working together. Driven by a passion for delivering awesomeness, we have developed our own top-secret proprietary methodologies, formulated to achieve results like never before.

There are several indicators that differentiate us in the long run of digital marketing activities compared to other agencies. First, the team is made up of digital marketing pioneers, with over 102 years of combined experience in digital marketing. Our extensive digital marketing experience ranges from copywriting, sales funnels, CRO, SEO and performance marketing.

Second, we pride ourselves on our exceptional track record. We’ve spent millions of dollars in ads, ranked a lot of websites on Google, generated thousands of leads and millions of sales for their clients. The digital marketing that we execute for their clients is based on proven methodologies that we have refined over the years.

Being named the Best Marketing Company in Malaysia, in particular, is a great honour and a testament not only to our incredible team, who work diligently every day but also to the many companies who entrust us with helping our businesses grow online. THANK YOU to all of our clients, partners, and employees. This would not have been possible without all of your help.

Some of our respective and repeating clients include Vista Eye Specialist, Dr KO, Padini, EcoWorld, Daiden, Le Cordon Bleu and many more.

Here are some of their favourite quotes from their reviews:

“Shock Media really helped us a lot in digital marketing. Look forward to growing our business with them. Result! Result! Result! Thank you Shock Media.”

— Ozhean AM Clinic

“Thank you Shock Media Studio. I LOVE IT! You guys are so professional, fast & fun to work with”

— Amber Chia, Amber Chia Academy

“Very professional. The team of Shock media are extremely reliable and trustworthy.”

– Dr Saravanan, The Dentist Tropicana

“I’m very happy to see my site ranking 1st page at Google.com.my!”

– Merina Yong, My Clothes Dryer

As one of the top digital marketing agencies in Malaysia, we have the innovation and expertise to grow your business now and in the future.  We believe that great companies should be very profitable. With more profit, businesses can hire more staff, open more branches and serve more customers. When our clients get the result they want, everyone wins.

If you’re seeking the leading digital marketing company in Malaysia to drive your digital marketing activities ahead of the pack, don’t hesitate to contact Shock Media Studio. We are committed to achieving measurable and tangible results for our online clients. Trying to understand more? Get in touch with #1 SEO Services Malaysia and Digital Agency Malaysia. You can always get a free consultation with us! We are more than happy to be of assistance to you!

Get in contact with us at 03-5882 7008

Alternatively, drop us a line at [email protected]

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