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[REVEALED] Malaysian Marketers Unsure About Digital Strategy

The digital community in Malaysia is growing.

24.5 million Malaysians are using the internet and 23 million are active on social media.

Knowing the opportunities these numbers may open up for your online business, you’ve jumped head first into digital marketing.

It’s great that you have the guts to put your brand out there. But without a digital strategy, you’re only going to set yourself two steps back each time.

This means you’re always going to lose out on the opportunities if you don’t know what your goals are as well as the exact steps to reach them.

The longer you float around, the longer it takes for a brand to grow. This is why 2 in 5 marketers in Malaysia are unsure of their digital strategy.


For every business, there should be a business goal. Without a business goal, you wouldn’t know where the business is heading and what the desired outcome is.

Then comes the question of how you’re promoting the business and selling the products. Digital marketing is one of the many tools to do so and even within it there are multiple avenues to get the brand out there.

However, unlike traditional marketing, marketers find it difficult to measure success on digital.

It’s mostly because they don’t know what metrics to watch out for.

And even if they have identified the right metrics, they might still find difficulty in understanding the data and subsequently adjust their digital marketing strategy.

This happens when digital marketing is treated as an afterthought, as businesses are reluctant to spend their marketing budget on digital marketing.

This stems from the uncertainty of how digital marketing and the data that it generates can help improve their brand and sales revenue.


Most marketers see content marketing as something to churn out for the sake of presence and awareness.

To a certain extent, 1 post a day with 70% video content per month does help.

They see content as an exchange for likes and engagement.

But to excel in digital marketing is to give more than what you expect to get.

Content optimization is the process of producing content in a way that can reach the largest possible target audience.

You’d want to optimize your content so that there is always something for your audience to relate to and engage with, which will subsequently help grow your brand.

How to optimize content?

  • Social media keyword research
  • Define exact buyer personas and buying cycle
  • Create meaningful and relatable content
  • Use visuals such as video and images

Being more intentional with the content and focusing more on quality instead of quantity goes a long way.


For any marketer, regardless if you’re working for an digital marketing company, SEO company Malaysia or directly for a business, you would want to always have the business objective as your main point of reference.

Without a business objective, no marketing tactic can help improve the business. Even if there is a well thought out marketing strategy, it would only be a waste of your time as it will keep changing as long as the objective is unclear.

A marketing strategy without a business goal is like a wanderer without a final destination.


One of the main reasons you need metrics for marketing is so that you can ask your boss to put in more money in marketing campaigns.

Basically, metrics help justify greater investment in digital marketing.

The other reason is to see what your audience is engaging with.

Is it the second ad you put out? Is it the article you posted a month ago? Did they click through the links on your landing page or EDM?

The right metrics will tell you exactly what you need to know.

Most marketers would look at engagement metrics such as likes, click-throughs and sign-ups. They would also look at lead conversion rates i.e. whether those click-throughs and sign-ups have brought in sales.

It seems that there’s this desire to attribute sales to content marketing efforts, thereby demonstrating the return on investment (ROI).

While it may be useful to a certain extent, focusing primarily on sales revenue when you’re on a digital platform doesn’t necessarily mean much.

Because not all content marketing campaigns lend themselves to attribution.

A potential buyer might click through your ad, go on your landing page but not finalize the purchase until after she has thought it through… 5 days later.

So defining ROI in that sense may not be effective after all.

Social’s true value isn’t in direct attribution, it’s in the awareness and consideration stages of the funnel.

And in each stage, there needs to be various metrics that would collectively help measure the success of a campaign.


Everyone with a business can win on social media IF they employ the right tactics:

  1. Understand business goals
  2. Create content that is aligned with business goals
  3. Connect and engage with your audience
  4. Monitor metrics to see how well your content is doing
  5. Use the data to improve on the content and strategy

Sounds simple right?

When you have a plan and a solid team behind you, you’re already on your way to success.

But if you have no clue what to do but wish to tell the world about your amazing product or service, then you need to take the next steps.

Having run many social media campaigns, we know what to do and most importantly, what not to do.

Sure, failure is good sometimes, but going into this completely blind is not a good move either.

Lucky for you, we have a special FREE consultation session for you to grab RIGHT NOW.

We’ll help you craft a digital marketing strategy that aligns with your direction and potentially achieve your goals!

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