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Shock Media Being Nominated As Best Creative Agency In Malaysia [2021]

The Fun Empire hosts a series on their website called the “Best Creative Agencies In Malaysia [2021]”. It aims to showcase Malaysia’s best marketing ideas across categories such as website design, CRO, performance marketing, Google SEO, social media and more. Shock Media is being nominated for the highly prestigious Best Creative Agencies In Malaysia [2021] Awards by them. It is a valuable recognition of the great work our internal team has done. We are extremely proud to be recognised by our peers for our marketing efforts in the highly competitive digital marketing industry as It is the prove that acknowledges the hard work we have put in for our clients and the tangible business results we have achieved for them. Importantly, these nominations are not always for big campaigns with huge digital marketing budgets. Often, they are for local or national businesses trying to make it in highly competitive industries with limited marketing budgets. Being able to make a real difference to these businesses is what drives us.

Digital adoption is increased over the years especially comes to 2021. Research has shown that social media, internet adoption and media digitalization is increasing especially in 2021. It is very hard to stand out among the crowd to be armed with the name of Best Creative Agencies. But fortunately, Shock Media made it in 2021.

We believe that businesses are not just selling products and services, but also conveying a way of the impactful customer journey. Shock Media Studio is a unique digital marketing agency in Malaysia that combines the characteristics of both analytic marketing and data-driven marketing for all of our clients. By establishing multiple modules and forming differentiated digital marketing strategies, we strive to provide the best digital marketing solutions for our clients. We help companies and brands to achieve rapid and short-term growth while building sustainable digital marketing competitiveness. As the best creative agency, we are honoured to have our clients’ feedback. Here are some of our favourite quotes from their reviews:

“Shock Media really helped us a lot in digital marketing. Look forward to growing our business with them. Result! Result! Result! Thank you Shock Media.”
— Ozhean AM Clinic

“Thank you Shock Media Studio. I LOVE IT! You guys are so professional, fast & fun to work with”
— Amber Chia, Amber Chia Academy

“Very professional. The team of Shock media are extremely reliable and trustworthy.”
– Dr Saravanan, The Dentist Tropicana

“I’m very happy to see my site ranking 1st page at Google.com.my!”
– Merina Yong, My Clothes Dryer

As one of the top digital marketing agencies in Malaysia, we have the innovation and expertise to grow your business now and in the future. Together we can build a business with market-leading capabilities! If you\’re seeking the leading digital marketing agency in Malaysia to drive your digital marketing activities ahead of the pack, look no further than Shock Media Studio. We are committed to achieving measurable and tangible results for our online clients. Trying to understand more? Get in touch with #1 SEO Services Malaysia and Digital Agency Malaysia. You can always get a free consultation with us! We are more than happy to be of assistance to you!

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