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Industry Statistics: Social Media Ad Spending Set to Exceed US$35 Billion

Businesses and advertisers are seeing a higher ROI with their ad spending on their digital ad spending, which is interactive, and captures the attention of today’s consumers who tend to spend prolonged hours in front of the screens on their laptops, desktops, mobile phones, and tablets. With a higher ROI from digital ads, businesses are focusing to increase their online ad spending. Statistics show that social media ad spending is likely to hit the US$35 billion figure in 2017.

Higher ROI from Digital Ads

According to Selligent and StrongView in a recent survey data among business leaders across a range of industries, as many as 56.3% of businesses expect to increase their budgets for social media ad spending, as they see higher positive ROI garnered from the ads on social media.

Over 50% of B2B marketers consider social media as a highly effective, yet affordable and low cost ad option, which offers precise audience targeting.

Meanwhile, traditional channels such as print media, radio and television, billboards and direct mail spending are receiving falling responses, with some businesses expecting to decrease their advertising expenditure alongside rising costs.

How Many Devices Do You Own?

It is a growing phenomenon to own several gadgets that are accessible to the internet. How many such devices do you own? Most people will have access to a laptop or desktop at work, carry a smartphone with them, and perhaps, a favourite tablet at home. Digital ads, such as social media ads, search ads, and display ads, put your marketing message right in front of your target audience, travel along with them wherever they are, and appear in front of them no matter where they turn.

Facebook Ads have 10 times Higher CTR

Facebook is the largest social media network with a whopping 1.65 billion monthly active users, giving you the greatest reach globally. Facebook has a proven track record for delivering results on social media advertising, leading to the US$5.63 billion generated from advertising revenues. 80% of Facebook’s advertising revenue comes from mobile ads. Statistics show that for Facebook ads, desktop ads have 8.1 times higher click-through rates (CTR), while mobile ads have 9.1 times higher click-through rates (CTR) than normal web ads.

Instagram Ads are 3 Times more Memorable

According to a survey by Nielsen, people were 2.9 times more likely to remember ads from Instagram’s sponsored posts than other channels of online advertising. In their research covering over 475 global campaigns, results show that Instagram ads are more memorable with the ad recall outperforming other forms of online ads by almost 3 times.

As people are being bombarded with ads daily, and with brands fighting for the consumers’ top of mind awareness, ad recall is highly important to make an impact on consumer purchase behaviour.

Ad spending on Instagram is growing phenomenally, with the expected spending to be reaching US$2.81 billion in mobile ad revenues by 2017. And the results have clearly spoken for themselves, with big brands experiencing impressive ROI, web traffic, conversions and sales.

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Integrate Facebook and Instagram Campaigns for Explosive Results!!

With these 2 mammoth platforms combined together for advertising, some big brands have experienced unprecedented growth. Mercedes-Benz had a 580% increase in website visits using Facebook and Instagram ads together. The Iconic, Australia’s leading fashion retailer, had a 23% increase in conversions to their online e commerce store.

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