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Case Study: Facebook Campaign for Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC)

It was thrilling when we were approached to run the Facebook campaign for the maiden launch of Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC), a massive landmark development by EcoWorld that will spectacularly transform Kuala Lumpur into a hip and thriving hub forever.

And… after working tirelessly creating captivating posts after posts with stunning imagery and bewitching copy, we are pleased to present to you our RESULTS!

Page Likes Increased by 312%

In just 3 weeks, we managed to increase the fan base of BBCC by 312%! The new fans that were garnered were targeted, interested and active fans (not just some random fans), making a total of 117,020 interactions, 110,333 likes, 642 comments, and as many as 6,045 shares of posts!

The Facebook posts were made up of an effective combination of photos, links, and videos, with photos making up 76% of the interactions.

Here are some samples of the Top Contents that received an overwhelming response from the fans. Obviously, they are rocking it!

Photo is The Most Engaging Post Type

We posted several types of posts, including photos, videos, and links. Photos or images were the most engaging post types, making up 76% of interactions, or 89.8k interactions which included likes, comments and shares.


Posts were Shared 6,045 Times

We are ecstatic that the Facebook page posts won 110,333 of total likes. However, the true compliment is when people like the posts so much that they share the post on their page, thus stretching the audience reach even further to the friends of the fans, resulting in a consequential increase to the Page Likes and fan base too. Some of the posts were shared 6,045 times!

Now even after the aggressive campaigning period is over, the BBCC Facebook page has taken on a life of its own with unstoppable organic growth!

Rinse and Repeat the Proven Track Record

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