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Coffee Chat with our Customers: Facebook Real Likes vs Fake Likes

So during one of our usual coffee chat with our customers, one marketing guy told us that his boss wants to see more Likes on his Facebook Page, so that it will look more credible and give the impression that it is the preferred choice over its competitors.

We had a straight talk that not all Likes are created equal. There are Real Likes, that will lead to real customers, and Fake Likes that is just a big number on Facebook, and might even put your Facebook account into jeopardy with Facebook, as Facebook is clamping down on Fake Likes.

And… No, our Shock Team does not sell Fake Likes, neither do we buy Likes just to show off the number of Likes. We work hard to get Real Likes from real people through engaging Facebook content and creative ads, and attract real people who are interested in your products to Like your page.

What are Fake Likes?

Basically, Fake Likes can be bought online or through shady peddlers that sell a certain number of Likes for a price, for example, 500 Likes for US$50.

This is the Facebook definition of Fake Likes.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/business/a/page/fake-likes

We have never bought Likes for any of our clients through these dubious methods, although the number of Likes on the Page may be boosted up phenomenally overnight, as it brings no benefit to your business. Although the number of Likes on your Facebook Page may seem impressive, but the engagement on your content is virtually zero, as all these are just Fake Likes from Fake accounts.

In fact, Facebook is coming down hard on these Fake Likes, and are doing all they can to detect and prevent such practices, so it might, in fact, negatively affect your Facebook account, as they work to weed out such practices.

At Shock, we believe in doing things the right way, right from the start, because we believe that once the foundation is built right, the efforts will go a long way towards building your business.

How are Fake Likes Generated?

You might be wondering how these Fake Likes are generated. Well, some people created a whole bunch of fake Facebook accounts, just to use them to click Like on the Facebook Pages that paid them for the clicks. Some are just software bots!

As the Fake Likes come from Fake Facebook accounts, obviously, they are not real people, hence, there will be no engagement. So after spending the money just to acquire Likes, you will still not have a real audience when you post up content, or when you pay money to boost your posts. (It’s like singing in an empty concert hall.) You’d be simply wasting your money.

Get Real Likes from Real People

Real Likes means real people who voluntarily clicked Like on your Facebook Page. People who Liked your Facebook Page are people who want to see your news updates and they are in fact, looking forward to your upcoming content posts on Facebook! They actually want to hear from you.

So it pays to build up your fan base with a highly engaged audience by using genuine, compelling content and captivating Facebook ads to reach out to an even greater targeted audience, who will genuinely like your Facebook page because they are interested in what you have to offer. (This is like singing in a concert hall filled with fans who already adore you!) This type of audience will be your loyal customers, and they will be more than happy to share about your products and services with their friends. They will be your best brand ambassadors.

So remember, don’t ever buy Fake Likes. It can be detrimental to your business!

For Real Likes, contact us at 03- 58827008 and make an appointment with a Digital Strategist from Xedea – Digital Marketing Agency who will share with you our top secret strategies, tailor-made for your business! See you soon!

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